• Purpose:
  • Application Fees:
  • License Fee:
    Permit to moor or beach a vessel in a National Park, bird or wildlife sanctuary
    Mooring  Permit
    Locally Registered  
    Camping K31.50
    Angling K31.50
    Mooring in a National Park K42.00
    canoeing/rafting K42.00
    boating K52.20
    Foreign Registered  
    Camping $5
    Angling $30
    Mooring in a National Park $30
    canoeing/rafting $20
    boating $20
    Locally Registered  
    Below 3 tonnes K25.50
    Above 3 tonnes K42.00
    Foreign Registered  
    Below 3 tonnes $15
    Above 3 tonnes $30


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  • Validity: Per Person per day or per vehicle
  • Contact Office:

    Department of National Parks and Wildlife

  • Renewal Fee:
  • Processing Fee:


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