The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is striving to administer and manage Land and Natural resources in a transparent and sustainable manner. This is vital because Land plays a very important role in uplifting the socio-economic status of our country.

The following is the procedure of acquiring Land in Zambia:

1. A Client applies for Land through the Office of the Commissioner of Lands stating t he NRC, contact details to Customer Service Centre.

2. In case of Council application, the Client should submit the following documents:

  • Recommendation Letter from the Council;

  • Full Council minutes;

  • Annexure A or C forms;

  • NRC; and

  • Incorporation certificate / ZDA (if company, church, society)

3. If application is approved by the Ministry, the client will be issued with an Invitation to Treat (ITT).

4. The Client is expected to pay the fees outlined on the ITT within Ninety (90) days failure to which it will be cancelled.

5. After payment of the fees, the Ministry will issue the Client with an Offer Letter.

6. The Client is expected to submit two Survey Diagrams which should be accompanied by:-

  • A copy of the National Registration Card;

  • A copy of the letter of offer; and

  • A copy of receipt where the ITT was paid for

7. After submission of the above documents, the Ministry prepares a Lease Agreement, which the Client is expected top sign together with his witness.

8. The Client should make a follow-up after 30 working day upon signing a Lease Agreement at the Customer Service Centre.

9. Once the Certificate of Title is ready, the Client should collect it at Customer Service Centre upon presenting NRC. Corporate Client and Law Firms are expected to present a Letter of Introduction from the Organization and the NRC of the Title Holder.


Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources