72 License as a construtor or a driller
To allow applicant to trade in a business of construction of water works or drilling bore holes
Water Resources Management Authority
99 License to conduct activity likely to deplete ozone layer
To control activities that produce, or are likely to produce a controlled substance likely to deplete the ozone layer; and to control the import, export, distribution, sale offer for sale, handling, storage, recovery, recycling and reclaiming of substances likely to deplete the ozone layer
Zambia Environmental Management Agency
118 Limited Registration
Registration for health practitioners who obtained their primary qualifications from training institutions outside Zambia and wish to provide health care in Zambia for a period of less than (06) months at a licensed health facility
Health Professions Council of Zambia
124 License to Operate a Health Facility
Issued to a person who intends to operate a health facility
Health Professions Council of Zambia
175 Large Scale mining Licence
Confers on the holder exclusive rights to carry on mining and prospecting operations
Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development - Mining Cadastre Unit (MMMD - CMU)