Using E-Registry

Businesses operating in Zambia are typically required to obtain one or more licenses and permits, depending on the activities of their enterprise.  The e-Registry provides two main ways to obtain information on those licenses pertaining to one's line of business: 

Browse licenses -if you know the name of the license or permit, you can use the browse function to search alphabetically for it.  Links to several of the most commonly requested licenses are provided on the home page. 

Search licenses -- you can enter keywords pertaining to the license name or your line of business (e.g., restaurant) to search for relevant licenses.  Note that you should also search for licenses and permits which pertain to specific activities within your business (e.g., health certificate).  You can also search by regulatory agency and governing statute. 

Also, registering a company or partnership in Zambia is handled by the Patents & Company Registration Agency.

Doing Business ( provides a checklist of the required steps for company registration.