Who We Are


The e-Registry for Business Licensing Requirements  in Zambia

The e-Registry is a centralised and publicly accessible electronic database designed to hold all approved and legal business licenses that exist in Zambia. The immediate objective of the e-Registry is to provide easy access to exhaustive information about business licenses and the formalities businesses must comply with to obtain licenses. e-Registry is an easy-to-use tool that makes the business licensing processes simpler and transparent, and ensures licensing is focused on legitimate regulatory purposes. The e-Registry serves to minimize regulatory risks associated with lack of transparency in the administration and management of licenses, unnesessary bureaucracy and red tape and enables Government to efficiently deliver regulatory services to the business community.

Benefits of e-Registry to Zambia's Business Community

e-Registry improves government transparency through one-stop access to all relevant information on business licenses, supplementing traditional legal gazettes

e-Registry improves regulatory compliance by businesses through better understanding of the requirements

e-Registry improves accountability and reduces opportunities for rent-seeking behaviors, particularly through the use of online transactions

e-Registry and an efficient business licensing regime enable increased revenue through greater SME participation in the formal sector

e-Registry improves regulatory oversight and the ability to track compliance through selective monitoring based on company profile (e.g., risk-based inspections, online filings of reports)

e-Registry improves management information for regulatory agencies (e.g., processing times, one-stop access to information)

The e-Registry Unit

The e-Registry is managed by a dedicated IT expert team of the Zambia Development Agency under Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry.  The e-Registry team is charged with: (i) keeping the content of the e-Registry database up to date by liaising with regulators across government and (2) responding to e-mail and telephone enquiries from users seeking clarification or further information about specific licenses.  They also manage the FAQ page on the web site to respond to most common requests, but will also liaise with the appropriate regulatory agency for more complex enquiries.  You can send an enquiry to the team through the form on the Contact Us page on this website.

Thanks to Our Partners

The Government of the Republic of Zambia is grateful to the Investment Climate Advisory Services of the World Bank Group and its donor partners for their valuable technical and financial assistance to the e-Registry initiative and support for the broader investment climate reform agenda in Zambia.