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License Name
Annual Registration for Zambia Companies or Firms

Annual Registration-Foreign Companies

Annual Returns

Application for Transfer of a Licence

Application for transfer of a Licence

Application Form for first registration/upgrade for Zambian Companies or firms

Approved Public Benefits organisations (on income from business)

To provide guidance on transactions between related parties

Change of name of a society

Changing the name of a society

Classification Grade for Foreign Companies or Firm

Classification Grade Zambian Companies or Firms

Cranes, Forklifts, Lifting Blocks and Slings


Domestic fees

Duplicate Certificate of Registration

Duplicate certificate of Registration

Duplicate Practicing Certificate ( All Categories)

Practicing Certificate

First Application/upgrade scrutiny fee for Zambian Companies or firms

First Application/upgrade scrutiny fee- foreign Companies

Hotel Managers Registration fee

Registering a Hotel Manager

Inspection of bylaws in the office of the Registrar

Inspecting by-laws

Inspection of Registrar

Inspection of Registrar


To regulate business classes, Regulations, Charges and Fees.

Name Registration

Notice to dispose off company

Penalty for not registering a Manager

A penalty of not registering a Manager

Penalty of employing un-registered Manager

The penalty of employing un-registered Manager

Practicing Certificate( ungraded-two stars)

Practicing Certificate

Project Registration Certificate

Public Company

Refined Petroleum Products

Refined testing of Petroleum products

Registration of a prospectus pursuant to section 214

Registering of prospectus

Registration of Amendment of by- laws

Amending by laws

Renewal Form for Zambian Companies or firms

Renewal of Scrutiny fee Zambian Companies or firms

Renewal Scrutiny fee-Foreign Companies

Tourism Enterpprise Renewal

Tourism  Enterprise Renewal

Alcoholic Beverages

Beverages testing

Annual Product Certification

Product Certification

Applications for exceptions

Application for exceptions

Bakery Products

Testing of bakery products

Change of Particulars

Change of particulars

Companies Limited by shares and Unlimited Companies

Public and Private Company shares

Import Fees

Application for Importation

Practicing Certificate ( Thee-five star)

Practicing Certificate

Registration of cooparative society comprising of individuals

Registration of cooperatives

Registration of Cooparative Unions

Registering a cooperative society

Registration of Federations

Registrations of federation

Testing Fees

Testing of Meat, Poultry, fish, vegetables, fruits, oil, fats, grains, daily products, Animal feed, non-alcoholic beverages and water

Application for Authorisation of a horizontal/ vertical agreements

Authorisation of Agreements

Negative Clearance

Negative Clearance

Turnover Assets over 100 millions fee units

Turnover and Assets

Turnover/ Asset upto 100 million fee Units

Turnover and Assets

Turnover and Asset up to 100 million fee units