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License Name
Adoption of new articles pursuant to section 391 Registration of articles Association

Registering new articles and issuing of duplicate certificate

Alteration of Large Scale Mining Right or Mineral Processing Licence

Alteration of Artisan Mining Right

Alteration of Mineral Processing Licence

Alteration of Small Scale Mining Right

Annual Charges (Area Charges) Exploration Licence

Application for Blasting Licence for non-Zambians

Application for replacement of Blasting License

Authorization for a danger Building

Authorization for an Explosive Storage Box Magazine

Blasting Licence

CD-Mineral occurrence 45

Consent to Acquire, store, transport or export radioactive Minerals

Data search

Digital Data

Exploration Licence

Geological or Mining Consultancy Permit

Gold Panning Certificate

Hard Copy Publications

Income Tax (Transfer Pricing) Regulations -Mineral Processing

provide guidance on transactions between related parties

Income Tax (Transfer Pricing) Regulations -Mining

To provide guidance on transactions between related parties

Inspection of Documents

Licence for an Explosive Magazine

License to Manufacture Blasting Agents on site

License to Manufacture Explosives in a factory

Mineral Analysis Certificate

Mineral Import Permit

Mineral Processing Licence

Mineral Trading Permit

Mining Licence

Mining Licences

Notice to dispose off company

Permit to Acquire and possess Explosives

Permit to import or export Explosives

Permit to purchase Explosives

Public Company

Renewal of Blasting Licence

Sanction for an underground Magazine Fee

Transfer of Small Scale Mining Right

Transfer of Control of Company which holds a Small Scale Mining Right

Valuation Certificate