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Aquaculture Fees


Cage Culture and Pen Culture/ Re-Circulation System

Cage and Pen Culture, Re-circulation System

Collection of Ornamental Fish for Aquaria ( All licenced fishers)

Collection of Ornaments fish for Aquaria

Collection of Reseach Specimens

Collection of Specimens

Commercial Fishing Areas,fish License fees

Commercial Area, fishing license fees

Commercial Fishing Areas( Companies)

Commercial Fishing Areas Companies

Conveyance Fees Certificate of Origin and Fish Movement Permit

Fish movement permit

Fish Farming

fish farming License

Fish Hatchery Permits

Fish Hatchery Permit

Fish Import and Export Fees

Fish Import and Export fees

Institutional Angling Permit

Institutional angling permits

Institutional Angling permits for Hotels

Institutional Angling permits for Hotel 

Institutional Reserch Permit

Institutional Research Permit

Kapenta Fishing (Artisan)

Kapenta Fishing

Notice to dispose off company

Public Company

Recreation Fishing ( Persons Residents In Zambia)

Recreation Fishing

Sports Fishing

Sports fishing